Words of the Father throwing insight into his thoughts

‘Thus spake the Father’

We enter the wide world of knowledge with the understanding of philosophy. By venturing into the deep knowledge expounded by the likes of Aristotle, Plato, Descartes and Kant, the mind expands into wider horizons, confidence increases and we sense the vastness of wisdom.

I have found it difficult to learn subjects or language at the start of studies. As the learning progresses, the dimensions of the subject become easier to comprehend and from there, I proceed easily.

The two years of ecclesiastical studies under Rev. Burthalomew were remarkable and decisive in my spiritual advancement.

Reputed institutions like the Presidency college qualitatively impact their students. Often they change us into different men. We undergo a total evolution under such influence. For me, the Presidency college experience was a new sky and a new earth. It made me flexible, apart from teaching me to understand and appreciate the opposite view point.

As a teacher luckily, I could grow in the minds of my students and make them come up with defined aim and focus.

Research oriented mind makes the teacher complete. Without being familiar to research is obviously a handicap for the teaching community.

Initial stages of my service were aimed at serving the society by promoting education. The end was to develop individuals by educating them and achieve social uplifting through the educated.

I am satisfied in the sense I brought up youngsters along education. Treating the students with affection was my wont. My students who sensed it, returned respect and love several folds more and I remain to this day in the minds of my students as their subject of veneration.

The ultimate aim of education is the total development of the students – physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual: Develop them as successful and responsible individuals.

Teaching is not to be restricted to lecture halls and laboratories. The vast outdoors consisting of seashores, riverbeds, hills and forests offer better ambience, perhaps more suited for studying.

In my view students are what constitute a college. The management and teachers are for serving them.

Merit alone has to be the criterion for choosing teachers. Regional and religious considerations should not influence their selection.

My sincerity in teaching and my commitment to the students have created feelings of respect and love for me among the student community and the general public. The position that I occupy in the hearts of my students is what I consider my most substantial asset.

As a principle I have provided leadership only to projects with ample popular participation. My style of working is to remain as one among the people, than standing in front of them. No institution can attain progress without the right of self rule. Hence my intention to form Amala hospital as an independent society.

Educational institutions, hospitals etc are all for the public and as such, in their establishment and conduct, public participation has to be enlisted and ensured. The mercury rises not by the heat of the thermometer, but by the external temperature. Similarly, popular participation alone makes the growth of the institutions feasible.

One can work and succeed only depending on his inherent ability and circumstances in which he is functioning. What makes one big or small are the others.

After my parents, I am greatly obliged to my Congregation for my life and work. I am indebted especially to my teachers Fr. Burthalomew, Fr. Placid and many others.

I do not feel my life has been very fruitful. Often I have been receiving recognition and praise for the hard work put up by others. Viewing from a Christian angle, I am concerned that I did not have to confront sufficient failures and opposition in life.

Normally, obstructions do not demoralize me. I keep on looking for alternatives when there is a block.

I have felt that the biggest shortcoming affecting Christians is their alienation in the artistic, cultural and literary scenes. They cannot take roots here unless they make advances in the cultural milieu. Progress of the Christian society rooted in Indian culture has to be the aim of the new generation of reformers.

My aim in life has been to serve God. I achieve it through loving others. I see God in developing students as brilliant individuals and treating and curing the sick.

(Acknowledgement : The chapter above is from the book ‘Father Gabriel Ideologue Alchemist Sattvic’)