Dec 11, 1914 - May 11, 2017


More than ten decades ago Rev. Fr. Gabriel was born in Manalur near Thrissur on Dec 11, 1914 and the child was named Antony. He lost his mother early to sickness, and father to the second marriage, and Antony the boy joined for ecclesiastical studies while schooling. On completion of sacerdotal ordination, Father Garbriel continued his academic education and completed Hons. in Zoology with rank and distinction. He started his career as a teacher in Sacred Hearts College, Thevara where he was instrumental in building up a first class biological laboratory. He earned in this short span of seven years at Sacred Hearts college the reputation as an outstanding professor.

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An Ideologue is by the lexicon, an advocate of an ideology. Fr. Gabriel's ideology is offer effective service to mankind by building up individuals and institutions. As an educator he worked ceaselessly for upbringing scholarship character and professionalism in his students. He succeeded phenominally in this endeavour of his which lasted until his retirement from Christ College and later from the Syndicate of Calicut University. The Father's inexhaustible spirit for advancement of his cause of service further found him persisting in his efforts. He went on organising and lading enthusiastic social activists and created post superannuation several institutions and service centers rendering vital utilities on the educational and health care areas. The zest for serving the cause of humanity as seen in the Father is rather scarce in the contemporary times. The zest for serving the cause of humanity as seen in the Father is rather scarce in the contemporary times. The thirst unquenchable thus witnessed in Fr.Gabriel makes him unique, very special and rather great. The projects he materialised are the standing evidence for the Father's perseverance and imagination. The purpose they serve cause benefits and relief to innumerable people. The example Fr.Gabriel showed was, like the Mahatma, to make his works speak for him. And that too, sans, any thought whatsoever, about rewards and returns !


A workaholic is one who has, according to the dictionary again, a compulsive and unrelenting need to work.

In the Father's case, unlike the modern workaholic, who is under pressure for considerations of material or other advantages, the compulsion was from within.

Service for a cause was the catalyst that accentuated Fr. Gabriel's urge for unrelenting hard work.

He was rather systematic, careful about taking everyone concerned with him, punctual and on schedule about time management and strict about efficacy standards.

Quite considerate and plucky by instinct, the Father when required, proved rather capable of being a very hard task master.

This rare combination makes him an effortlessly effective genius at man management....... And an ajatha shatru too.


A Satvic is the person with the quality or capability of synchronizing his mind, speech and actions (manasa, vacha, karmana).

Fr. Gabriel has demonstrated the harmony existing between his action and thoughts or dreams by realising them for all there to witness.

The absolute lack of duality in his personality is the most impressive trait that one will experience in Rev. Fr. Gabriel.

Though the achievements of the Father are mostly on a mundane level, the thoughts, the imagination et al that preceded them and led to them have an unspeakable fluffy or etherian aura about them !

The Father brought them to tangible form in thought and built them in very defined manners in great symmetry without conflict in thought and action.

The true great Satvic at work !